Insured Owners

Insured Owners

We want to express our sincere condolences for your recent loss, and would like to be a significant part of your replacement process. We want your experience to be stress-free and fully transparent to you

Tom Streek, President

Rebuild Response® is first to market and is dedicated to leading the industry in demolishing, engineering, and rebuilding homes or businesses that have encountered a partial or total loss due to fire, water, or wind damage throughout Ontario.
Time is often lost following the incident resulting from delayed contractor estimates, extensive paperwork, documentation, and challenging logistics. We endeavour to prevent this through our professional teamwork. Over 50 years of experience in residential and commercial construction allows us to provide you with excellent customer service.

We stand behind our commitment to:

Integrity, Quality, and Clear Communication.

5 Simple Steps

  1. Provide us with your Insurance Adjuster’s contact info.
  2. We meet with you to review details on your existing home/building.
  3. We’ll provide an estimate to your adjuster for the replacement of your home/building.
  4. Further planning/design for your new home/building.
  5. Once completed with design and approved permits, construction can begin.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

We would highly recommend Rebuild Response® Group. Anyone that is in need of a rebuild home. We were devastated after a fire blazed through our home. Rebuild Response company was there to support us on the rebuild of our home and our life! We added a few custom changes and we are thrilled with our new home! The attention to quality and customer service is outstanding! Our move in date was even on time, despite weather delays. The integrity, professionalism, caring and understanding they demonstrated speaks volumes of their service.

Rebuild Response® the service in building our new home was superb. Any concerns or issues that arose, the team never more than a phone call away to resolve the issue. That quality of service has been maintained long after the project was completed. Rebuild Response® is second to none in my opinion. You will receive quality work, on time completion and customer satisfaction

Once all licenses and permits were received, the Rebuild Response® team got right to it and completed the work very quickly. throughout the entire process I was kept well informed and updated on the progress. I worked directly with Mr. Streek. He was a very friendly, helpful, and sympathetic to my individual circumstance.

Rebuild Response® team rate highly in all of the areas desired from a general contracting firm: proactive service and communication, quality workmanship, timely results, and within an agreed upon budget. I would highly recommend their services regardless of the size or scope of your building project.

Rebuild Response® torn down my old house and rebuilt a 1,100/sqf new home in only three months. We are very happy about our new home that is well built, such as foundation, structure and many little things. They are a very detailed, reliable company and always there when we need him.