Insured Owners

“We want to express our sincere condolences for your recent loss, and would like to be a significant part of your replacement process. We want your experience to be stress-free and fully transparent to you.”


Rebuild Response® is the only contracting company dedicated to the large property loss rebuild process with province-wide coverage. Rebuilding a structure is not the same experience as building a new custom. We understand the need for timeliness, compassion, clear communication, reliable reporting, and quality work when rebuilding for a policyholder. If you’re looking to rebuild after a large property loss, hiring the right builder makes all the difference in a smooth process and a successful outcome.

Our team consists of top Tarion-approved builders with combined building experience of over 50 years. Policyholders and insurance professionals have been depending on our standardized services for the past ten years. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, multi-unit, farm, or CAT loss, we look forward to continuing to improve the large property loss rebuild process.

We stand behind our commitment to:


5 Simple Next Steps:

STEP 1 – Contact us to provide your insurance adjuster’s contact info.

STEP 2 – Meet with us to review details on your existing home or building.

STEP 3 – Review our estimate with your adjuster for the replacement of your home or building.

STEP 4 – Discuss your plans for the new home or building’s design with our team. 

STEP 5 – Sign a contract with us and let the construction commence once permits are approved. 

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