Insured Owners

“We want to express our sincere condolences for your recent loss, and would like to be a significant part of your replacement process. We want your experience to be stress-free and fully transparent to you.”


Rebuild Response® is the only contracting company dedicated to the large property loss rebuild process with province-wide coverage. Rebuilding a structure is not the same experience as building a new custom. We understand the need for timeliness, compassion, clear communication, reliable reporting, and quality work when rebuilding for a policyholder. If you’re looking to rebuild after a large property loss, hiring the right builder makes all the difference in a smooth process and a successful outcome.

Our team consists of top Tarion Warranty (Ontario) or Atlantic Home Warranty (Atlantic Provinces) approved builders with combined building experience of over 50 years. Policyholders and insurance professionals have been depending on our standardized services for the past ten years. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, multi-unit, farm, or CAT loss, we look forward to continuing to improve the large property loss rebuild process.

We stand behind our commitment to:


5 Simple Next Steps:

STEP 1 – Contact us to provide your insurance adjuster’s contact info.

STEP 2 – Meet with us to review details on your existing home or building.

STEP 3 – Review our estimate with your adjuster for the replacement of your home or building.

STEP 4 – Discuss your plans for the new home or building’s design with our team. 

STEP 5 – Sign a contract with us and let the construction commence once permits are approved. 

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