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Rebuild Response®’s mission is to provide consistent unparalleled service to both the Insured Policyholder and the Professional Insurer through the rebuilding of large loss claims.

We can realize this by understanding our customer’s needs with compassion during this emotional time, providing the highest quality workmanship and offering the benefits a Tarion Warranty.

Our years of experience with the Insurance Industry has also enabled us to provide the adjusters with a comprehensive plan which provides swift and accurate estimates, clear communication with precise reporting standards.


Providing a focused and efficient approach

When disaster strikes from fire, wind, or water causing a total or partial loss, the list of issues and logistics exponentially grow. Although the restoration “preferred group” is long and distinguished, it is not common for a company to offer exclusive total and partial loss services of demolition, engineering, reconstruction to the insurance industry, on a dedicated basis. Rebuild Response® meets both Residential and Commercial needs.

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Insured Owners

Ensuring your needs are met with care and attention

Our company is first to market and is dedicated to leading the industry in demolishing, engineering, and rebuilding home or business that has encountered a partial or total loss due to fire, water, or wind damage throughout Ontario.

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