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When disaster strikes from fire, wind, or water causing a large or total loss, the list of issues and logistics exponentially grows. Although the restoration “preferred group” is long and distinguished, it is not common for a company to offer exclusively dedicated large or total loss services of estimating, demolition, engineering, and reconstruction with a Tarion Warranty (Ontario) or an Atlantic Home Warranty (Atlantic Provinces). Rebuild Response® meets residential, commercial, multi-unit, farm, and catastrophic (CAT) loss needs.

Rebuild Response® is committed to offering a professional platform on which integrity, quality, and clear communication will optimize how the industry operates with large property loss rebuilds. Over 50 years of experience positions us for long-term growth and excellent customer service throughout Ontario.

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We resolve challenges that often negatively affect the claim process:

Time is lost during the estimating process due to poor communication and inexperienced builders.

Rebuild Response® provides demolition estimates within five days and detailed post-scope rebuild estimates within two weeks.

Engineers need to determine structural impact, with plans of action if required. Soils contaminated potentially need to be assessed expeditiously and efficiently.

Rebuild Response® offers its engineering services if required.

Quality concerns and issues arise during and following the rebuild process, delaying the process and increasing costs.

Rebuild Response®’s top priority is to provide clear communication with excellent reporting standards.

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