Rebuilding Hope

At Rebuild Response®, we’ve taken our values of improving the lives of those we encounter, especially in the insurance industry, and transferred them to those living in poverty. We have partnered with local efforts in Guatemala to provide financial resources to better others’ quality of life.

Since a personal mission trip to Guatemala in 2015, the Streek family has personally been donating time, money, and resources to aid poverty alleviation efforts in remote villages. This passion seeped into the family’s corporate social responsibility activities when Harmony Homes, the first Rebuild Response® builder, began donating a portion of profits from each project to rebuilding the villages’ mud and stick structures into sustainable and durable cinder block homes.

Now, Rebuild Response® Group dedicates profits to alleviating poverty in those remote communities, especially with rebuilding homes, helping malnutrition, and providing access to education and employment.



Many rural Guatemalan communities live in structures made with mud, clay, sticks, and old metal. With living in such high elevations, the extreme weather requires the villagers to rebuild these structures every year or two. Even when standing, these structures leave their inhabitants vulnerable to the cold, rain, and wind. 

Without having proper stoves, the families depend on open fires inside the structures for warmth and cooking, resulting in lung damage and burn injuries or deaths.


Using local supplies and labourers, we fund these structures’ rebuilding to provide sustainable homes that last over ten years. These homes are built with cement cinderblocks, plaster, solid rebar, steel roofs, wood doors, and glass windows. When possible, electricity is brought to the home. If latrines and stoves aren’t already present, their construction is sponsored as well.

The families are just as grateful for when we come in-person to build their home and the new relationship. The families are overwhelmed with gratitude when given a new home; to experience that appreciation in person is life-changing. 

Charity Before After
House After